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A Strong Woman on a Mission to Help People & Make a Difference

Hi! My name is Jessie Cali and welcome to Whether you're looking for Marketing help, reading through a blog, or generally just curious, I am so glad to have you here. My self-employed journey began in 2020 when the whole world shut down. A funny time for a career change, I know. For me, timing is everything. I wasn't happy in my corporate role and I never had any time for myself, so I took the big leap into entrepreneurship. I am now a full-time marketing consultant that you can hire on a contract or freelance basis. In addition to that, I run my own side hustle, Cali Creates LLC, where my goal is to create a safe space for those also on their self improvement journeys. If you're in need of Marketing help, you can contact me below or click here to schedule time on my calendar. However, if you're more curious about my side hustle, head on over to Cali Creates LLC where you'll find my Healthy Living Podcast, Blog, and more. Talk soon!



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