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Well, you're in luck! I currently work Full-Time as a Marketing Consultant. I offer a wide range of Marketing services at an hourly rate or monthly fee depending on the scope of the client's needs. Let me solve your Marketing problems!

A Little More About My Experience...
I am a Brand-Centric Marketing Professional with 8+ Years Marketing experience & a Bachelors degree in Marketing from LSU.  I specialize in all areas of Marketing from Branding & Content Strategy to Channel & Product Management. Want to take a deeper dive? Head over to my LinkedIn Profile or check out my Portfolio.

I would love to chat more to see if I can benefit your company in some way. Get in Touch, I am here to help!

Marketing Needs I Solve:

  • General Marketing

  • Brand Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Email Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Marketing Reporting

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Meeting Availability:

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