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Who is Jessie Cali?

Hello! Whatever has brought you here, I am glad to have you! My name is Jessie Cali. I graduated from LSU with a degree in Marketing back in 2014 and now have 8+ Years Professional Experience in Marketing, Business & Sales. I LOVE all things Branding and Content Strategy. And, yes Marketing is my JAM. After many great career experiences, I took a risk and chose to leave the Corporate America world back in 2019. I had an Entrepreneurial Dream and a fierce passion to work independently and for myself.

At my core, I truly love helping businesses make their Marketing dreams come true. It's a passion of mine. Now, as a full-time Marketing Consultant, I get to work on a variety of clients marketing projects with the freedom to create my own schedule. It really is the best of both worlds. If you need some Marketing help, schedule some time with me here.

This newfound freedom also gave me the time to build another passion project of mine: Cali Creates LLC.

It took me many moons to find what I consider my life calling to be. I found that I am most happy and fulfilled when I am helping others in their pursuits to happiness. My ultimate goal in life is to share my stories in an effort to help people and spread love. That is precisely why I launched my company, Cali Creates LLC, back in 2019.

Cali Creates LLC is a Lifestyle Coaching and Healthy Living organization packed full of content where you can come to learn, feel, and ultimately feel safe. As of 2021, there are blogs, vlogs, and podcasts all available to you! The true goal of Cali Creates LLC is to have a healthy solution to all of Life's Hardships, whether that be Career related, Life related, Relationship related, and everything else in between. Check it out here!

Looking to get in touch? Contact me directly here.


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