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Marketing Portfolio

A brief look into my Marketing experience. I have worked 8+ Years in the Marketing world and have had the chance to wear many hats from Branding to Channel to Product to Content Strategy. You name it, I've worked in it. Seen everything you need to see? Head on over to book some time with me today!

Brand Marketing

I've worked on various brands for quite the range of Companies. Early in my career, I worked in the Power Tool and Consumer Products Industry. Later on, I gained experience in Financial Publishing, Home Decor, Furniture, and Health/Lifestyle. Currently, I have clients in the Road Repair Industry and Branding Industry. Simply put, Branding is my JAM. I love defining and creating the look and feel of a brand. Looking for insight on specific projects? Contact Me.

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Email Marketing - Final.png

Email Marketing

I have experience in managing and creating Email Campaigns, Contact Lists, A&B Testing Groups, and Analytics Reporting. Most notably I have used Mailchimp and Ascend by Wix, but also have experience with Salesforce, Insightly, and other company's proprietary Email Software. In addition to design, scheduling and creation, I also have experience copywriting for various brands.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to managing Cali Creates LLC's social media accounts on all channels, I also have managed numerous other client's social media. In some cases, I am provided copy and design assets. In other capacities, I manage the full process:

Design, Copywriting, Scheduling, Reporting and Follower Communication (Comments & Messages).

Social Media Marketing - Final.png
Print Marketing - Final.png

Print Marketing

Early in my career, I gained a huge amount of experience in Print Marketing. At DEWALT, I managed the creation, project management, data collection, design coordination, and printing process of the 2017 & 2018 Full Product Line Catalogs. In addition to the catalogs, I was the creative lead on the DEWALT Made in the USA Campaign and the Join the Salute Campaign. Each of these with goals of bringing jobs back to America and supporting our troops. Shortly after, I dabbled in the Home Decor/Furniture industry and managed the Full Product Line Catalog Strategy for 8000+ Products. Since then, I have continued to learn more about the Print world and have experience in everything from Business Cards to Flyers/Posters to Postcards/Direct Mail Newsletters. I have many Printing contacts who can make all your Print Dreams come true!

Analytics, Data & Reporting

I am well versed in analyzing and pulling data from various sources including, but not limited to, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Wix, Salesforce, Insightly, Later, Loomly, and all Social Media Platforms. I work through all the data and format it in a nice way that everyone understands. 

Marketing Reporting - Final.png
Digital Marketing - Final.png

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the way of the world. Whether we're talking about your website, social media platforms, or apps, it's so important to have a digital strategy that works. It must reflect your branding, while also maintaining layouts and design that work for your customer. I believe in order to have a full marketing strategy, digital marketing must always be attended to and managed. I have experience developing full all-encompassing content strategies for Digital, Brand, and Social.

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