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Products Featured on @JessieCali Instagram

Do you follow me on Instagram and are you wondering where you can find all the products I've featured in the past?

If so, look no further! Below, I've linked all products that have been featured on the @JessieCali Instagram. Not following me? Well, get to it! You can find my insta here.

Most recently posted products at the top.

Instagram Reel: jessiecali

Just another day as a natural curly girl!

Royal Locks products have upped my curly hair game for sure! If you’re interested in checking out any of the products mentioned, head over to and use JESSIE15 to get 15% off of the Wave Essentials set or the Dream Cream individually!

Check out Lift A Curl too! This was my first time using their volume clips and I loved the results.

Honest Opinion:

Just watch the video! The products speak for themselves.

Royal Locks Products:

Get 15% off with code JESSIE15 on the Royal Locks website.

Dream Cream: Royal Locks | Amazon

Wave Essentials Set: Royal Locks | Amazon

Classic Essentials Set: Royal Locks | Amazon

Lift a Curl:


Instagram Post: jessiecali

With more traveling right around the corner, Erik and I are so excited we found Smart Sheep Laundry detergent strips. We usually travel for long periods of time so laundry is NECESSARY. 🤣😅

We can throw this in our backpack easily with no mess! It works on all types of washing machines and is eco-friendly! Seriously so pumped to use these on our next trip.

Honest Opinion:

GUYS. This product is FIRE. Do the kids say that anymore? LOL Seriously though, what a convenient way to wash clothes. OBSESSED!


Instagram Post: jessiecali

What a godsend these were before Erik & I's trip to North Carolina. We're always looking for healthier snacks with health benefits especially when we're on the road.

Safe to say... These didn't last long. Our favorite was the Blueberry Muffin Flavor. 😍

Honest Opinion:

Erik typically eats all my snacks before I get a chance to even look at them and these BelliWelli bars were no different. I got to try one of each flavor and was honestly impressed! Great flavor & great added benefits. Definitely try it out!


Instagram Post: jessiecali

Grateful for another LSU win… & ALSO the newest addition to my nighttime skincare routine. This moisturizer from Dermadoctor has done wonders for my skin. Don’t wait until you’re 30 to moisturize!!! 🤣🤣🥰❤️

Honest Opinion:

Truly this stuff is amazing!! I've been using now for a month and have notice my complexion is brighter and no more dark marks from acne. I feel so confident with a makeup-free face.


Instagram Post: jessiecali

Starting Fall off with these two obsessions: Flare Pants (or Bell Bottoms as Mom calls them) & Magic Spoon Cereal.

I’ve always loved cereal, especially the ones made for kids 😂, but haven’t always loved eating pure sugar. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Magic Spoon has ZERO sugar, 13G of Protein, and is low carb! Now I can eat my cereal and not feel guilty later. 🥰

Honest Opinion:

This is legit the best healthy cereal I've tried to date!! My Dad is diabetic and he loved finding a zero sugar option as well. It is so good, definitely give it a try. My fave is the fruity flavor!


Instagram Post: jessiecali

I always feel good when people think these pups are babies still! Cosmo and Ginger are both over 10 years old, but both are still FULL of energy and the zoomies. 😍❤️

We have dog supplements like these to thank. Hip and Joint chewables have become a staple for us. 🥰

Honest Opinion:

I'm new to the dog supplement world, but am pleased to have something that can help keep my doggos flexible and moving as they grow older.


Instagram Post: jessiecali

Few things to know about me: I’m obsessed with chocolate ice cream. However, chocolate ice cream is not kind to me. 🤣 I tried out Global Healing’s Chocolate Pure Plant Protein in my smoothies and it tastes sooo good. And, it helped curb my cravings. Added Bonus! 👀😍

Honest Opinion:

I love this stuff. I've never tried a plant based protein, but am glad I stumbled upon this one. There's lots of added benefits like enhanced digestion and absorption. AND it's made with pure, clean ingredients. Try it!


Instagram Post: jessiecali

As a kid, I used to think my natural curls were a PAIN. But now, I’ve grown to love them. It pains me to say this: Yes, you were right Mom. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Now if you’re like me with curls, you know it’s sometimes hard to tame them. Luckily, I fell upon Royal Locks Dream Cream and am obsessed!! I put this in after my shower and let it air dry. 😍❤️

Honest Opinion:

If you have naturally curly hair, you know what a pain it can be to tame them. I like that I can use this stuff and actually trust it to tame my curls. It's a concentrated product, so a little bit goes a long way. AND, you can get 15% off on the Royal Locks website if you use code "JESSIE15"

15% Off Coupon Code: JESSIE15


Instagram Post: jessiecali

This girl can’t get enough of this new dog shampoo!! 😍 hehe! She’s a little model. 🦊

But, in all seriousness, other shampoos have left her skin irritated, but she’s loving this Aloe, Shea butter, and Oatmeal combo.

Honest Opinion:

This stuff works great and is a good scent! Some products aggravate Gingy's skin, but this stuff didn't aggravate her at all. It makes bath time super enjoyable!


Instagram Post: jessiecali

Yes Bars are DELICIOUS. I had to steal one away before Erik ate them all. 😂🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

Since we’re often on the go and traveling, we’re always looking for quick and easy snack options with health in mind. This doesn’t disappoint and has become a staple in our pantry (& travel bags). You should try it out!

Honest Opinion:

Let me just say this: ERIK ALMOST ATE ALL OF THESE... before I even had a chance to take a picture. They taste great and are packed with clean energy and nutrients. AND it's 100% plant based.


Instagram Post: jessiecali

If you know me, you know I only drink iced coffee. 🤣 So, I’ve been OBSESSED with Asobu’s insulated sleeve and glass. No more condensation for me!! Bye bye coasters! 😍

Honest Opinion:

I use this all the time! I like that the condensation doesn't get all over my hands from my iced coffees now. It fits a smaller standard stemless wine glass so it fits quite a few of mine. But, don't have any glasses? Not a problem. When you order this, you get the glass with the sleeve!


Instagram Post: jessiecali

Felt cute. 💕

Yes, I put pink tint in my hair… it’s only temporary though. But, I think I may do it more often. 🤩😍🤣

Honest Opinion:

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS PRODUCT. Bless you Kristin Ess. And, it is worth ALL the hype. So easy to apply and washes out in 3 washes. It's made all my pink dreams come true without having to make it permanent.


Instagram Post: jessiecali

I love dog walking. 😍 Meet Scout, one of my regular Rover clients. 🐶

Honest Opinion:

I love being a Rover Sitter. Getting paid to love on dogs and cats has been a blessing. Interested? Click here to join in on the fun!


Instagram Post: jessiecali

A lot of people ask me, “What is it that you do for work?”

The short answer: Marketing.

The long(er) answer: I’m self-employed! I work with clients on a contract or freelance basis to deliver pretty much ANY of their marketing needs. Being self-employed has been the absolute best thing for me and my life. It provides me the freedom I’ve always been searching for. Not only do I get to choose the work that I do, but I get to choose the people that I work with. It gives me the time and flexibility that I need to travel, work on my blog, podcast, and more without feeling burnt out.

AND. Most importantly, I love it.

But, don’t get it twisted! Running a business and building your business from the bottom up isn’t easy. Especially if you don’t love the whole Finances, Taxes, and Accounting things… 🤪

Luckily for me, I’ve had a couple people and resources to help me learn more about all the financial things I have forgotten since college. Bless it. 🤣

I recently decided to learn more about investing and growing my own personal wealth. I picked up the Miss Independent book by @nicolelapin and have been using it ever since. It makes all the finance stuff easy to understand and now I actually understand everything that goes into investing and growing my own wealth.

Honest Opinion:

I think the Instagram Caption says it all. Look up! 😉


Check back for more products to try soon!


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